HOPE - a musical journey with Rick Boulay, MD

HOPE - a musical journey features tenor, Dr. Rick Boulay. Vocals and musical accompaniment were provided by Kutztown University Jazz Ensemble faculty and students.

"Hope is grief's best music."

HOPE addresses the emotions, fears, and hopes common with cancer diagnosis and treatment. Instead of printing lyrics to the twelve songs on the CD insert, Dr. Boulay has written reflections or meditations for listeners to ponder as they hear these songs.

Dr. Boulay explains, "The concept of HOPE implies some longing, some unmet need which commands attention. This journey begins in a vulnerable and very fragile place—with a diagnosis of cancer. The opening song, I Follow, is this dark place where the mind is lost in the din of silence and the solo voice calls to "come and find me here." Lean on Me is the rousing response to that call for help. From that deep place, the journey forward can begin with the close support of those around. A journey to reestablish all that was lost with this diagnosis: a journey toward a sense of wholeness."

All proceeds from the sale of the CD will flow to the Catherine Boulay Foundation, a non-profit foundation, created to support cancer patients, their caregivers, and loved ones as they make the journey through cancer....and beyond.

Founded in 2007 in honor of Dr. Boulay's grandmother, the foundation has created a Web site that not only will provide clinical information on cancer, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery but will strongly focus on survivorship issues. This focus is in direct response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Lance Armstrong Foundation's National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship. While initiatives addressing early detection, prevention, and cancer treatment are important, cancer survivors face numerous physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and financial issues well past diagnosis and treatment. The Web site, the Catherine Boulay Foundation, will seek to creatively address those issues.

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