Cancer Recovery

Introduction by Dr. Rick Boulay

You did not think you could make it, but somehow you managed to muddle through cancer treatment and recovery. You have arrived at a much brighter and gentler part of your journey: cancer remission. All measurable cancer is gone: scans are clear, blood work is normal, and your examination is perfect.

Many find themselves still somewhat unsettled. Those lingering fears about cancer returning are still hard to shake, especially before a doctor's appointment. You may have residual long-term physical and emotional effects from your cancer or its treatment. Your body has changed as a result, and you may have special needs. You may feel guilty that you have done so well when others around you may not haveā€”the so called survivor's guilt.

It is likely that you expected this portion of your journey to be a piece of cake. Granted, it is far easier to take time to enjoy the scenery and rediscover your passion; but there is work to do. This section will help you cope with the aftereffects of treatment and the new directions your life will take.

"Hope is a waking dream."

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