Tips for Patients

  • Keep a journal—each time you go to the doctor, write down what happened, what he/she said, new medicines, test results, symptoms, what helps, what does not help—this will help you to be your own advocate and know your body.
  • Take Benadryl orally the day of chemo rather than through an IV—this makes you less tired.
  • Wear a button-down or zip-up shirt to chemo—this provides for easy access to the port.
  • Bring relaxing things to do at chemo—listen to music, knit, read.
  • It is sometimes hard to find something that tastes good the few days after chemo—cranberry juice is a good option.
  • Yogurt and laxatives can help ease and prevent the effects of chemo.
  • Peppermint tea helps sooth an upset stomach.
Tips for Managing Treatment
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Tips, strategies, and care for the caregivers